Quod Solutions excels in building success-driven teams in Ukraine to help you achieve your business goals.

Our recruiting experts specialize in matching qualified professionals to the right roles to maximize their key strengths and bring real value to your work environment.

From software development to graphic design to any other professional capacity your company needs, we find the qualified experts in the field to grant you the resources you need to grow and flourish in your field.


Managed Team

We will build your team specially for your mission, and will manage it to accomplish your goal.


Simply, tell us your goal and we will make it happen.

Extended Team

Your project, your rules.

We will build your dream team completely dedicated to your project.

While you focus on work we will take care for all the administration, payrolls and coffee.


Recruitment for all purposes.

Trust us to build your professional teams for any purpose.

Our recruitment services are personalized, and we ensure we work closely with you so that you can get the desired results fast.

Competitive prices for developers and other professional staff.

Comfortable time zone, UTC+3 hours.

No language barrier, all our professional speaks fluent English.

High quality internet communication, for fluent workflow.

The most skilled software developers.

High level programming education.

How it works?

Research and consulting

We take the time to gather input, research and information from you in order to fully understand the scope of what you need in your desired roles.

This enables us to pinpoint the qualities and qualifications your staff members must possess so we can find the perfect match for recruitment.


We identify the qualified professional whose expertise, skills and background present an ideal match for your staffing needs.

Our pool of candidates contains well over ten thousand qualified professionals, lending us the freedom and flexibility we need to choose the best fit for you.


We handle the administration so you can focus on your projects.

The team members we recruit for you have the right expertise to handle your tasks well.

This enables you to focus on what matters most: driving your company into a future of success and growth.

You handle your business, and we’ll handle the staffing details.


The results truly speak for themselves.

With the professional staff we provide to your company, your project delivery will be on time or ahead of time, and meanwhile your company saves up to 40% on staffing costs.

Our process brings real value and yields real results. You don’t have to take our word for it -- check out the testimonials below.

Oren Mizrahi


As a fast growing company we looked to expand our teams and Quod Solutions were attentive to all our needs. They worked diligently to meet all our requirements and provide us exactly with the right team members, all in a professional attitude and on a timely manner.

"Great team of professionals. That is a pleasure to work with Quod Solutions"
Senior software developer


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